Wednesday 16 February 2011

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son review

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (PG, 107 mins)
Director: John Whitesell
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
The third in the inexplicably popular series in which Martin Lawrence’s FBI agent dresses up a large, elderly woman to solve a crime plumbs new depths of atrociousness, even by the generally desperate standards of family comedies these days. This time out he’s after some Russian villain, and needs to get his hands on an evidence-filled flash drive that has inexplicably been hidden inside a girls’ school. This gives him the opportunity to don his Big Momma costume and turn up at the school with his teenage son (also dressed as a woman because the baddies have him made) whereupon he’s immediately entrusted to be a house mother. The results are jaw-droppingly unfunny, plotted with nothing but laziness and contempt. Entire scenes are constructed solely around Big Momma shaking her can or falling over, and there’s not a single moment that drives the story forward or feels remotely uncontrived. Everyone involved should hang their heads in shame at creating something so unspeakably bad it’s on a level that’s actually quite difficult to comprehend.


  1. this movie is hilarious one of the best comedies i have seen, it is a clean comedy and fun for the whole family. i believe the critique listed here is based on the mentality of Greenwood laughing at raunchy comedies, i believe he gave those high ratings but a family clean comedy is not good enough for you... i recommend this movie to everyone it is hilarious unless you want raunchiness look elsewhere.

  2. It's not the lack of raunchiness I have a problem with, it's the complete lack of wit or basic storytelling ability. There are many fine family comedies (Elf, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Enchanted, Home Alone) but they each contain uncontrived, believable scripts within the rules of their own world as well as compelling characters to care about.

  3. Main Point, Movie isn't creative.

    My rating 2.9/10.