Tuesday 15 March 2011

Anuvahood review

Anuvahood (15, 89 mins)
Directors: Adam Deacon, Daniel Toland
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
One of the stars of Noel Clarke’s Kidulthood and Adulthood movies, Adam Deacon, co-writes, co-directs and stars in this abysmal British comedy as Kay, an unemployed layabout who fancies himself as an up-and-coming gangster after getting mixed up with some local drug dealers. If there is a plot, it’s well hidden within what amounts to little more than a series of YouTube sketches, with all the wit and sophistication that suggests. If it’s a parody of Clarke’s films, it fails to find anything in them to actually make fun of. When the dialogue isn’t unintelligible, which it mostly is, it’s juvenile and smeared in racism and homophobia, and with every performance amped up to absurd levels, the resultant screeching mess quickly becomes intolerable.


  1. Such poor, opinionated drivel. "Unintelligible" and "smeared in racism and homophobia" - the film, and all relevant jokes and overtones, is purely satirical - it's taking a comedic, almost ironic look at how the youth of today are represented. Just because you aren't conducive with the film's target audience, it doesn't mean that you have ooze hyperbole.

  2. totally agree with charley - i think it's very well observed and the moments of absurdity are purposefully placed to add to the humour. The film is not for people like Mr Greenwood.