Friday 14 May 2010

Lebanon review

Lebanon (15, 93 mins)
Director: Samuel Maoz
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Set on the first day of the Lebanese war in 1982, and based on the director’s own experiences as part of an Israeli tank unit, Lebanon is a tense and admirable but slightly unsatisfying attempt to convey the insanity of war. Set entirely within the tank, it follows four soldiers as they're given orders that take them on perilous missions through bombed out villages like the levels of a video game, an impression reinforced by any action outside shown only through the gunner’s sights. While it forcefully portrays the inexperience and terror of the men, they're never really allowed to stand out or develop as individuals. The unique points of view both inside and outside the tank keep things fresh for a while and the cramped conditions are convincing, but the claustrophobia eventually becomes oppressive . And much like The Hurt Locker, the repetitive nature of the drama can become trying. So while Lebanon is nerve shredding in patches, it can also be a little dull and rambling, and the attention may wander as we stick with these men without really having a clear objective or destination.

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