Sunday 11 September 2011

You Instead review

You Instead (15, 80 mins)
Director: David Mackenzie
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

Filmed entirely at the T in the Park festival in 2010, this underwhelming drama breaks into a story of sorts when a member of an American band ends up handcuffed to a British girl for a night of incidents and arguments that follows rom-com conventions. It’s a plot device you might see on a children’s TV drama, and one that lends itself to little of interest. The sheer scale of the endeavour makes it visually arresting, and it has a certain grungy charm and a couple of moments of spontaneous fun, but mostly it’s just a bunch of annoying people in the mud and rain. It’s not a film, it’s a companion piece for festivalgoers, an experiment to see if a movie can be shot in a couple of days. In that regard, at least it’s been proven that it can’t.


  1. I saw You Instead at this years T-In The Park and have to say that you must be really old, this is one very funny and well acted film which captures the festival spirit completely, I was at T in 2010, and I was reminded how brilliant that weekend was for me and my friends through this movie, David McKenzie...THANK YOU!!

  2. I completely agree. The first thing we all said after seeing the film was that if you're a festivalgoer, you'll love it. It just doesn't seem to offer much for anyone else.